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Professor Bogdan Babych

Professor of Translation Studies, Heidelberg University and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Member of the Natural Language Processing Group

Links to news and a personal blog and translations on Computational Linguistics, translation theory and modern politics


I have been the Chair of the Programme committee for Fifth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation HyTra-5, in conjunction with EAMT-2016, Riga, Latvia: 1 June 2016,

I have been the Chair of the Organising committee for Fourth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation HyTra-4, in conjunction with ACL-2015, Beijing: 31 July 2015,

I was co-organising the Third Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation (HyTra), April 27, 2014, in Gothenburg, collocated with EACL 2014

Wordpress Blog 28/01/2010: The value of philosophy for modern science

Modern world and philosophy's relevance for research outside its own field. (Does philosophy only matter for those who do it, as Bertrand Russell argues?)

Literature and film


A story for children: School Detective, or the First Case of Shura Holmovsky, by Bogdan Babych, 1988:
in Ukrainian;
in Russian (autor's translation);
A prize of the Ukrainian children's magazine 'Pioneriya' -- for the best children's story of 1988

A poem: Lego's enemy, 2011, in Ukrainian

Literary translations

My free translation, or adaptation, of Volodymyr Sosyura:
Love Britain, 2012 (in English)
The original poem was written by Volodymyr Sosyura during World War 2: Love Ukraine, 1944 (in Ukrainian)


My debute in an ITV commedy drama Diamond Geezer 2 (2007), as a secret agent