School of Computing



Professor Bogdan Babych

Professor of Translation Studies, Heidelberg University and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Member of the Natural Language Processing Group


MODL5003M Principles and Applications of Machine Translation (convening)

Machine Translation in the workflow of professional translators and translator teams; How to evaluate the quality of an MT system; Determining usefulness of MT for specific translation projects, tasks, subject domains and translation directions; How MT systems are built; What are limitations of the state-of-the-art and future prospects of the technology.

MODL5005M Computers and the Translator (co-teaching)

Bogdan's part of the module covers practical aspects of MT in the workflow of translators and methods of human and automated evaluation of translation quality.

MODL5001M Methods and Approaches to Translation Studies (co-teaching)

Bogdan's lectures cover Evaluation in Translation, Machine Translation, Corpus Resources, Computational Linguistics tools and methods for translators.

MODL5009M English for Translators (co-teaching)

The module involves hands-on experience in using Machine Translation and corpus-based searches to enhance English language skills for non-native speakers -- advance language learners and translators.

Teaching module proposal

Computational Linguistics Methods for Humanities Research