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Professor Bogdan Babych

Professor of Translation Studies, Heidelberg University and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Member of the Natural Language Processing Group

Ukrainian studies and Ukrainian Linguistics

Computational linguistic resources for Ukrainian

Morphological and corpus resources, developed by Svitlana Babych (lana.babych at gmail dot com),

the paper with Ukrainian TnT tagger evaluation in:

Bogdan Babych and Serge Sharoff (2016). Ukrainian part-of-speech tagger for hybrid MT: Rapid induction of morphological disambiguation resources from a closely related language. In: Proc. of Fifth Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation, Riga, June 1, 2016. [pdf] [doc]

a short description in:

Svitlana Babych, Kurt Eberle, Bogdan Babych (2013). Development of hybrid Machine Translation systems for under-resourced languages: Automated creation of lexical and morphological resources for MT. In: Proc. of 6th International Conference: Applied and Literary Translation and Interpreting: Theory, Methodology, Practice Kyiv, Ukraine 5-6 April 2013. - 5 pp. [pdf]

- Ukrainian news corpus, ~250 million words
- Ukrainian parameter files (all files in tgz archive) for TnT tagger
using Multext Ukrainian tagset (Natalia Kotsyba, Igor Shevchenko, Ivan Derzhanski, Andriy Mykulyak, 2010-05-07):
    --Word form lexicon with emission frequencies (set to 1)
    --Part-of-speech transition frequencies (estimated)
    --Lemmatization file (to be run at a post-processing stage, ~20,000 lemmas, covering about 85% of news texts).

Ukrainian linguistics

Babych, B. (1998). Systems of syntaxeme groups and their procedural semantics. Movoznavstvo (Linguistics) no. 6 (190), November-December 1998. Kyiv.
[pdf] (in English)
[pdf] (in Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (2002). Electronic syntactic dictionary of Ukrainian: the problems of developing. Linguistics: Materials of the 4th international congress on Ukrainistics. 26-29 August 1999. Odesa. [pdf] (In Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (2000). Interpretational model of formal syntactic structures in Ukrainian. Thesis submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of Candidate of Sciences. Unpublished manuscript. [pdf] (in Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (2002). Word order variation and comprehensibility of centre embedding: evidence from Ukrainian. Technical Report. TRE-CTS-Babych-2002 (Unpublished) [pdf].
Presentation at a research seminar of the Natural Language Processing group at Leeds: 11 October 2002: Comprehensibility limits on centre-embedded structures. [pdf]

Babych, B. (2001). The model of word order variation in Ukrainian declarative sentences. Technical Report TRE-Ieper-Babych-2001 (Unpublished) [pdf]

Babych, B. (2001). Language identification algorithm for disambiguating English and Ukrainian URL and e-mail tokens. TRE-Ieper-Babych-2001-b (Unpublished) [pdf]

Babych, B. (1999). Lexical semantics in syntactic structure of a text: formal representation and interpretation. In: Proc. of the all-Ukrainian scholarly conference "Semantics, Syntactics and Pragmatics of Speaking" 25th-27th January, 1999. Lviv, "Litopys", 1999. p. 101-108.
[pdf] (English)
[pdf] (Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (1997). A method of automatic identification of sentence-level errors for automatic grammar checking. In: Abstracts of all-Ukrainian conference on grammar and spelling codification. Kyiv, 1997 [pdf] (In Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (1997). Representation and interpretation of ambiguous deep syntactic structures. Ukrainian Linguistics. Issue 21. Kyiv. Pp. 89-100. [pdf] (in Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (1995). Conceptual Syntax of Surface Syntactic Structures (on the material of military operation orders). Technical Report TRE-Kyiv-Babych-1995. (Unpublished). [pdf] (in Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (1994). Diphtongs in Northern Ukrainian dialects and in the history of Ukrainian language. Bulletin of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University. Literature, Folklore and Linguistic studies. Issue 2. [pdf] (In Ukrainian)
See summary on the Research Results page.

Ukrainian literature and folklore studies

Babych, B. (1993). Towards understanding folklore mentality of people of the Ukrainian steppe region. Bulletin of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University. Literature, Folklore and Linguistic studies. Issue 1. [pdf] (In Ukrainian)

Babych, B. (1992). Comparative textual analysis of poetical works of Taras Shevchenko and Thomas Moore. New in Linguistics and Literature studies. Kyiv University. Kyiv. [pdf] (In Ukrainian)

Ukrainian politics and blogs

Modern reading of "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" (1185), in Ukrainian

Suchasne prochytann'a Slova o Polku Ihorevim: On-line publication; Wordpress blog