Corpus of Euphemisms in the Qur’an

Sameer Olimat

Corpus of euphemisms in the Qur’an is a PhD research project at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds carried out by Sameer Olimat. It offers a comprehensive annotation and classification of all euphemistic expressions within a contextual background in the original Standard Arabic of the Qur’an and Abdel Haleem’s English translation of the Qur’an (2005). The corpus is a data repository and scientific platform for research communities and academic institutions with general interests in the areas of Arabic linguistics, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, translation studies, and Islamic studies since it provides fresh insights into the phenomenon of euphemism in the Qur’an in particular and the language of the Qur’an in general.


Please cite these two publications when referencing this material:
1- Olimat, S.N. 2019. Euphemism in the Qur’an: a corpus-based linguistic approach. International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL), 10(2), pp.16-32.
2- Olimat, S.N. 2018. Developing a model for translating euphemism in the Qur’an: an intratextual- and contextual-based approach. Advances in Language and Literary Studies (ALLS), 9(6), pp.101-111.

List of Euphemisms in the Qur’an:


Juz’ 1

Juz’ 2

Juz’ 3

Juz’ 4

Juz’ 5

Juz’ 6

Juz’ 7

Juz’ 8

Juz’ 9

Juz’ 10

Juz’ 11

Juz’ 12

Juz’ 13

Juz’ 14

Juz’ 15

Juz’ 16

Juz’ 17

Juz’ 18

Juz’ 19

Juz’ 20

Juz’ 21

Juz’ 22

Juz’ 23

Juz’ 24

Juz’ 25

Juz’ 26

Juz’ 27

Juz’ 28

Juz’ 29

Juz’ 30