The MeLLANGE (Multilingual eLearning in Language Engineering) project has brought together academic and industry partners from France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK to create innovative learning materials for trainee and professional translators.

Apart from designing and implementing interactive courses in Corpus Linguistics for Translators and Translation Memory, the project consortium has also contributed trainee and professional translations of four texts belonging to different domains. This collection of translations is the MeLLANGE Learner Translator Corpus (LTC). The LTC includes work done by trainees which was subsequently annotated for errors within the MeLLANGE project and according to a customised error typology. The corpus can be accessed via the MeLLANGE query interface. More detailed information about this corpus (including guidelines on using the query interface), as well as other corpora that have been repurposed during the project can be found via the MeLLANGE corpus resources page.

The consortium has also assembled a list of relevant corpora for the field of translation studies and translator training. This list, together with descriptions of the resources and links to them is available on the Additional corpus resources page.

Finally, there are a number of resources - such as source texts, corpora in raw, as well as processed formats, the MeLLANGE error typology, etc.- which are available via the MeLLANGE useful links page.

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