Repurposing the eCoLoRe TMX corpus

The eCoLoRe project was a Leonardo-funded initiative of the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies which, together with specialists from academia and the localisation industry designed and made public a number of detailed guidelines aimed at helping users gain an understanding of localisation tools and processes, as well as of best practices for selecting and preparing training materials to teach this subject. Furthermore, the project also delivered numerous training kits which include suitable training materials in a variety of languages and file formats.

The multilingual nature of the materials already mentioned, together with the continuous process of localisation of the project deliverables resulted in the availability of translation memories in TMX format (Translation Memory Exchange) in the technical and financial domains in 37 language combinations.

As part of the MeLLANGE drive to make available as many suitable multilingual resources to be used for traslator training as possible, a query mechanism was implemented for the eCoLoRe TMX corpus. It is available on the MeLLANGE query interface page. Finally, the eCoLoRe TMX corpus can be downloaded here.

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