MeLLANGE corpus resources

The MeLLANGE consortium has been collaborating on several aspects involving corpora that are useful both for teaching trainee translators and research in the field of translation studies.

To this end, several steps were taken, ranging from designing and assembling a new annotated corpus of learner translations (the MeLLANGE LTC) to repurposing several other multilingual corpora of significant size and providing query interfaces for them (the eCoLoRe TMX corpus and elements of the large corpora used in the University of Leeds Centre for Translation Studies fall under this category). A query interface is available on this website for the LTC and eCoLoRe TMX corpus. You can access it on the MeLLANGE query interface page.

All these resources have been presented at several conferences and workshops and are undergoing regular updating following the feedback we have been receiving.

Last, but not least, most of the information displayed in the "Did you know that ..." highlights interesting facts relating to the resources described above. You will notice a different fact each time you visit the different pages on our website.

Did you know that ...

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