MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic specifications for Russian

5. Adverb

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5.1. Attribute-value table

Table 9. Specification for Adverb
P Attribute (en) Value (en) Code (en)
0 Adverb R
1 Degree positive p
comparative c
superlative s

5.2. Lexicon

This index gives the (hopefully) correct and complete list of morphosyntactic descriptions and their features. The first column gives the MSD, the second its expansion into a feature-structure, the thrid the frequency of word tokens and the fourth the number of word types tagged with this MSD, with the fifth giving some examples as word-form/lemma, where the latter is omitted when the two are identical.

Table 10. Lexical MSDs (1)
MSD Feature structure Tokens Types Examples
R Adverb 251826 3214 Ясно/ясно, ясно, ЯСНО/ясно, яро, яростно, Яростно/яростно, Ярко/ярко

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Serge Sharoff, Mikhail Kopotev, Tomaž Erjavec, Anna Feldman and Dagmar Divjak . Date: 2008-05-20
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