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The corpora listed above:
  1. BNC, a classic 100MW corpus,
  2. A corpus of British News, a collection of news stories from 2004 from each of the four major British newspapers: Guardian/Observer, Independent, Telegraph and Times, 200 million words.
  3. I-EN, a 150MW Internet corpus collected by Serge Sharoff using random queries to Google, see http://wackybook.sslmit.unibo.it
  4. the Reuters corpus, a collection of newswires from Reuters for one year from 1996-08-20 to 1997-08-19, 90 million words.
  5. UK-WAC, a 2GW corpus of English UK webpages collected by Marco Baroni and his colleagues (it's huge; handle this corpus with care),
  6. BASE, British Academic Spoken English, collected by Hilary Nesi and colleagues at Coventry University

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